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Table of Class offerings and Continuing Credits

Course CODE
Getting the Most from a Digital Display KA1202
Introduction to Analog Audio KA1204
Digital Video Signal Format Conversion KA1205
AV IT When Worlds Collide KA1216
Digital AV A Tutorial for the AV Professional KA1224
Digital Display Signals: The Next Generation KA1225
Working with Digital Video Signals in the Pro AV World KA1231
Analog Sunset, Digital Sunrise How to Handle Digital Signal Routing KA1232
5 Tips to Generating Revenue By Avoiding Digital Pitfalls KAT1233
AV Signals Gone Wireless KA1240
Soup to Nuts of Digital Video KA1304
Wireless AV Connectivity; It's Here KA1303
EDID, HDCP, HDMI for Pro-AV KA1304
Specialty Course Offerings:
Designing in a Digital Age 1-Day Workshop KA1299
Challenges of Digital Signal Integration 1-Day Workshop KAT1299
Kramer Certified Digitalist - Digital Systems:
Training KA1301


REMEMBER - If you like a class, we can customize it for your needs. We can condense any class (other than those we have licensed) into a Lunch & Learn or Webinar one time event with just the most pertinent information taken from the large form of the program.