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The Primary Kramer Academy Instructors

Kramer's highly experienced training staff regularly consults with other industry experts to stay up-to-date and completely objective in the development of Kramer's advanced curriculum. These industry experts are also contracted to present their content along with our industry recognized staff.

Clint Hoffman

CTS, VP of Marketing

Clint has been in the Pro AV industry for 24 years. He began his career at a Pro AV dealership and has spent the last 24 plus years working in various sales, product development and marketing positions in the AV industry. He is a member of the International Communications Industries Foundation Board and is also an Adjunct Faculty member of InfoComm International.

Clint currently serves on the InfoComm Professional Educational and Training Committee and is a member of the InfoComm Exhibitors Committee. In 2009/2010 he served as the Chairman of the NAB Exhibitors Advisory Committee.

Aharon Yablon


Aharon has been serving as the first Kramer Latin American Director over the last eight years, delivering a large number of AV educational programs in more than 15 different countries. With more than 25 years of experience in international business, he has focused primarily on the Latin American market. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew and he speaks Portuguese very well.

Aharon has lived and worked for nine years in four Latin countries: Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia. He has extensive knowledge and commercial experience in different high tech fields, including: electro-optics, video systems, television broadcasting, multimedia systems, medical systems, telecommunications, military systems and more.

Aharon Received his B.Sc.E.E. (Electronic Engineering) in 1974 and his M.Sc.E.E. (Electronic Engineering – Simulation & Modeling) in 1980, both from Tel-Aviv University.

Malissa Dillman


Dillman is Kramer Electronic USA’s Director of Education & Training, and was the recipient of the 2012 InfoComm Women in AV Award, and was also named the 2013 InfoComm Educator of the Year.

Dillman has over fourteen years of extensive A/V experience within the industry and brings her diversified skills and experiences to the classroom. She has been active on several InfoComm Committees, including most recently being one of the first 9 members of the Certification Committee. While serving on the Certification Committee she was also the Chairman of the CTS Subcommittee as well as being recognized as a Subject Matter Expert for test development.

Malissa has owned and operated an AV installation company, worked as both a Regional Sales Manager and Division Sales Manager at the dealer level and also served as a Regional Field Sales Engineer for a prominent communications company.

Jean -Pierre Lacan


Jean-Pierre Lacan received his TUD (Technology University Diploma) in physics from Saint Denis University, France. He spent 20 years in Tektronix in different positions, including service engineer in professional broadcast test equipments, customer training in the European support center and finally team leader in the European service center located in France. During these years he developed his skills in all high tech electronics technologies, communication and leadership. He joined Kramer Electronics France in 2004 and acts as support engineer in the Kramer France team. Since he joined he is heavily involved in training and education programs, bringing into play his vast technological knowledge and excellent teaching skills.

Yuval Inditzky


After studying Computer Engineering in the Technion Institution,Israel, Yuval joined his family-owned company where he supported and helped transition professional still photographers from the film era to the digital age. He mastered the areas of digital image quality, color processing, high-end optics, computer networks and similar topics. During his six years in this field he passed numerous technically oriented courses and trainings.

In 2007 he joined Kramer Electronics as manager of education and training. Since then he has created educational material covering the different AV technologies and lectured in many of Kramer's worldwide seminars and trainings.