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Windows−based Design Application for Room Control Platform Configuration

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  • K-Config-Windows−based Design Application for Room Control Platform Configuration

    Quick Facts

    • −−Configuration and Deployment App−−
    • Windows app for control program design
    • Intuitive GUI−based program configuration
    • Rich set of control events triggering configured control actions
    • Sub−routines of common control actions for reuse across multiple program activation points
    • Simple design, no pre−training need
    • Quick access and search tools for faster design
    • Powerful, yet simple to configure, control program logic
    • Highly customized web−based virtual−UI
    • Auto−discovery of controllers and platform elements over the LAN
    • Web access to connected device control operations and settings
    • Web access to macro configuration and scheduled tasks
    • −−Control Platform−−
    • Feature−rich pro−AV, light and automation control platform
    • Highly scalable and versatile
    • Up to 15 Ethernet ports for LAN−connected devices
    • Rich portfolio of room controllers and control keypads
    • Flexible end−user control operation via room keypad or web virtual−UI
    • Field upgradeable over Ethernet LAN or K−NET
    • Full compatibility with Site−CTRL, AV site monitoring application

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    K−Config is a Windows−based, intuitive configuration application for fast and easy design of room control systems for pro−AV, lights and automation control. K−Config's comprehensive features simplify the configuration of the control program running over Kramer's wide range of room controller and control keypad products. End−user control is either room−local via a room keypad or from anywhere using web−based virtual−UI. AV product status and availability is easily and cost−effectively monitored by the fully compatible Site−CNTL application. Kramer's rich scalable portfolio of Ethernet−enabled room controllers and control keypads flexibly and cost−effectively fit to variable customer room size and needs. They are field upgradeable over the customer's Ethernet LAN or K−NET to easily scale according to customer's changing needs.