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Yarden 4-C

4−Inch, 2−Way Closed−Back Ceiling Speakers

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    Yarden 4-C-4−Inch, 2−Way Closed−Back Ceiling Speakers

    Quick Facts

    • Type − 2−way coaxial speaker
    • UL Approved
    • Woofer − 4” Kevlar(R) cone.
    • Tweeter − 0.5” Mylar dome.
    • Impedance − 8Ω
    • Power Handling − 30W RMS, 80W continuous program
    • Transformer Taps − 70V: 30W/15W/7.5W/3.7W/Off (Lo−Z);
    • 100V: 30W/15W/7.5W/Off (Lo−Z)
    • 2 Speakers (1 Pair)
    • Size - Speakers - 2

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    The Yarden 4−C Closed−back Compact High Performance Ceiling Speaker features a Kevlar(R) woofer, 2nd level cross−over design and multi−tap power transformer for selecting 8Ω (bypassing the transformer) or 70V/100V power settings that are suitable for an array installation.

  • Conference rooms, boardrooms, classrooms, hotels, restaurants