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6−Button Room Controller with Analog Volume Control & LCD Group Labels

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  • Rs 232 - 3-pin Terminal Block Relay - Contact Closure Infrared - Usb - Type C Control & Power - K-Net
    RC-63AL-6−Button Room Controller with Analog Volume Control & LCD Group Labels

    Quick Facts

    • SummitView™ Compatible
    • 6 Programmable Color, Back Lit Buttons
    • Programmable Back Lit Group Labels
    • Analog Volume Control Knob − 10K
    • Macro Capability
    • Internal Clock
    • 1 RS−232 − Control AV equipment
    • IR Learning Function
    • 2 Relay Contact Closure Ports
    • Size - Wall Plate - 1 gang European or US.

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    Supply is limited. This item will be discontinued when inventory around the world is depleted. Please contact your regional Kramer sales office to determine if there is any inventory in your country and if special discounts apply.

    The RC−63AL is a 6−button room controller with an analog volume knob for multimedia rooms. The unit functions either as a standalone controller or as part of the SummitView™ system to control audio components, video components and other room facilities such as lights and screens.

  • Multimedia clasrooms and conference rooms.