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6−Button Room Controller with IR Learning & Printed Group Labels

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  • Rs 232 - 3-pin Terminal Block Relay - Contact Closure Infrared - Usb - Type C Control & Power - K-Net
    RC-62-6−Button Room Controller with IR Learning & Printed Group Labels

    Quick Facts

    • SummitView™ Compatible
    • 6 Programmable Color, Back Lit Buttons
    • Printed Group Labels
    • Macro Capability
    • Internal Clock
    • 1 Bidirectional RS−232 − Control AV equipment
    • IR Learning Function
    • 2 Relay Contact Closure Ports
    • Size - Wall Plate - 2 gang European or 1 gang US.

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    Product Presentation

    The RC−62 is a 6−button room controller for multimedia rooms. The unit can function either as a standalone controller or as part of the SummitView™ system to control audio components, video components and other room facilities such as lights and screens.