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IR Learner

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  • Infrared - USB - Type C -
    FC-29-IR Learner

    Quick Facts

    • Built−In IR Receiver
    • Rack Kit - RK-4PT
    • Size - Ultra-Compact Pico TOOLS™ - 4 units can be rack mounted side−by−side in a 1U rack space with the optional RK−4PT rack adapter.

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    Supply is limited. This item will be discontinued when inventory around the world is depleted. Please contact your regional Kramer sales office to determine if there is any inventory in your country and if special discounts apply.

    The FC-29 learns and stores IR (infrared) commands on a PC via a USB connection. The stored IR commands can be uploaded later to multiple room controllers.

  • For learning IR commands and transferring them to your PC.
  • For setting up multiple room controller systems.