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8x8 Computer Graphics Video & Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher

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  • Vga Uxga - 15-pin HD Unbalanced Mono/Stereo - 3.5mm Balanced Stereo - 6-pin Terminal Block Rs 232 - 9-pin D-Sub Rs 485 - 3-pin Terminal Block Ethernet - RJ-45 Infrared - Hdtv Compatible Cable -
    VP-8x8AK-8x8 Computer Graphics Video & Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher

    Quick Facts

    • Bandwidth − 360MHz (−3dB).
    • Kramer Kr−isp® Sync Processing
    • Delayed Switching™ Mode −0 to 3.5sec.
    • DC Coupled Inputs and Outputs.
    • Audio Level Controls − Each input and output.
    • Control − RS−232, Ethernet, IR & Embedded Web page.
    • Size - Standard 19" (2U).
    • Audio - B/U

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    The VP−8x8AK is a high−performance matrix switcher for computer graphics video signals, with resolutions up to and exceeding UXGA, and unbalanced stereo audio signals. The unit can route any combination of inputs and outputs and converts the audio to balanced stereo audio outputs.

  • Professional display systems requiring a true 8x8 computer graphics and audio matrix operation.
  • Multimedia and presentation source, and acceptor selection.