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2x1 DVI (HDCP) Video Switcher with IR

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  • Dvi - Digital Video Interface Rs 232 - 9-pin D-Sub Remote - Contact Closure Infrared - Compatible With Hdtv Signals - High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection Compliant -
    VS-21HDCP-IR-2x1 DVI (HDCP) Video Switcher with IR

    Quick Facts

    • Max. Data Rate − 6.75Gbps (2.25Gbps per graphic channel)
    • Control − RS−232, Contact Closure & IR
    • Rack Kit − RK−13
    • HDCP Compliant
    • Size - Compact MultiTOOLS® - 3 units can be rack mounted side-by-side in a 1U rack space with the optional RK-13 rack adapter.

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    The VS−21HDCP−IR is a high−quality switcher for DVI signals. It equalizes the signal and switches either of two inputs to a single output.

  • Presentation graphics selection and routing.