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2x2 to 16x16 Modular Multi-Format Digital Matrix Switcher

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  • VGA/UXGA - 15-pin HD - TP/CAT5 - RJ-45/RJ-11 - DVI - Digital Video Interface HDMI - High Definition Multi-Media Interface Fiber - 4LC - HDMI/DVI  - HDMI & DVI on a DVI connector RS-232 - 9-pin D-sub - Ethernet - RJ-45 - Infrared - HDTV Compatible - HDCP Compliant - DGKat - Digital Twisted Pair Kramer Core - HDBaseT -
    VS-1616D-2x2 to 16x16 Modular Multi-Format Digital Matrix Switcher

    Quick Facts

    • Max. Data Rate − 10.2Gbps (3.4Gbps per graphics channel)
    • Mix Input/Output Modules
    • Control − RS−232, Ethernet & IR
    • Size - Standard 19" (4U).
    • Audio - E

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    The VS-1616D is a high-performance matrix switcher chassis for AV signals. The unit is modular and populated from 2x2 to 16x16 in increments of two inputs and/or two outputs. The chassis includes a power supply, control module and a test module that can monitor and test any input and output in the matrix.
    Model Description
    Input Modules  

    DVI-IN2-F16 2-Input DVI Card (F-16)
    HDCP-IN2-F16 2-Input DVI (HDCP) Card (F-16)
    DL-IN1-F16 1-Input DVI Dual Link Card (F-16)
    F610-IN2-F16 2-Input DVI over 4LC Fiber Card (F-16)
    H-IN2-F16 2-Input HDMI Card (F-16)
    DGKat-IN2-F16 2-Input HDMI & RS-232 over DGKat Card (F-16)
    HDBT-IN2-F16 2-Input HDMI over HDBaseT Card (F-16)
    F670-IN2-F16 2-Input HDMI over OM3 Fiber Card (F-16)
    HAA-IN2-F16 2-Input HDMI with Analog Audio Card (F-16)
    HAD-IN2-F16 2-Input HDMI with Digital Audio Card (F-16)
    VGA-IN2-F16 2-Input VGA Card (F-16)
    Module Plate  

    BLP-F16 Blank Cover Plate for Empty Module Slots
    Output Modules  

    DVI-OUT2-F16 2-Output DVI Card (F-16)
    HDCP-OUT2-F16 2-Output DVI (HDCP) Card (F-16)
    DL-OUT1-F16 1-Output DVI Dual Link Card (F-16)
    F610-OUT2-F16 2-Output DVI over 4LC Fiber Card (F-16)
    H-OUT2-F16 2-Output HDMI Card (F-16)
    DGKat-OUT2-F16 2-Output HDMI & RS-232 Input over DGKat Card (F-16)
    HDBT-OUT2-F16 2-Output HDMI over HDBaseT Card (F-16)
    F670-OUT2-F16 2-Output HDMI over OM3 Fiber Card (F-16)
    HAA-OUT2-F16 2-Output HDMI with Analog Audio Card (F-16)
    HAD-OUT2-F16 2-Output HDMI with Digital Audio Card (F-16)
    VGA-OUT2-F16 2-Output VGA Card (F-16)

    VGA-IN2-F16/VGA-OUT2-F16 2-Input or 2-Output VGA Cards (F-16)

  • Professional display systems requiring video signal routing.
  • Broadcast, presentation and production facilities, as well as monitoring in large duplication systems.
  • Rental/staging applications.