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8−Input Universal Live Event Scaler/Switcher/Warp & Blend for Projection & LED Videowalls

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  • Composite Video - RCA - Composite Video - BNC - s-Video - 4-pin - Component YUV - 3 BNC - VGA/UXGA - 15-pin HD - DVI - Digital Video Interface HDMI - High Definition Multi-Media Interface 3G HD-SDI - BNC - S/PDIF - RCA - Ethernet - RJ-45 - HDTV Compatible - HDCP Compliant -
    VP-794-8−Input Universal Live Event Scaler/Switcher/Warp & Blend for Projection & LED Videowalls

    Quick Facts

    • Full Warp Mapping
    • Powerful Geometry Correction
    • Edge Blending
    • HQV® Video Processing
    • Max. Resolution − 1080p (24/25/48/50/60Hz, Auto)
    • LED Video Walls – down to a resolution as low as 128x96 pixels
    • Superior De−interlacing
    • Selectable Processing Versus Latency
    • Selectable Aspect Ratio Conversion
    • Flexible Color Calibration Controls
    • Audio De−embedding
    • Built−in Test Pattern Generator
    • Genlock (V−Lock) − Accepts bi−level, tri−level sync or black & burst
    • Selectable Lock Modes − Genlock (V−Lock), I/O lock or frame rate conversion
    • Multi−Standard − For CVBS & YC in PAL, NTSC, SECAM formats
    • Live Image Capture
    • Built−in Time Base Corrector
    • Control − RS−232, jog wheel, TCP/IP API and Web Server
    • Picture In Picture
    • Size - 19” (1U) Rack "ears" included.
    • Audio - D/E

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    The VP−794 is a high−performance switcher/scaler/edge−blend & warp for analog and digital video signals developed specifically for driving large screen displays and multiple screen applications from video or graphics sources. It up− or down−scales the incoming signal, processes the image with HQV and flexible warping, geometry correction and professional grade edge blending and outputs the signal to 3G HD−SDI, DVI/HDMI, VGA and S/PDIF connectors. VP−794 includes a special mode for driving LED video walls with pixel−accurate output image sizing.

  • Professional AV
  • Broadcast
  • Corporate AV
  • Live events
  • Rental/staging
  • Premium fixed installs