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5 BNC to 5 BNC Plenum Cable

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  • CP-5BM/5BM-5 BNC to 5 BNC Plenum Cable

    Quick Facts

    • Lengths − 0.9−46m (3−150ft)
    • Size - Cable

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    Kramer’s CP−5BM/5BM series cables are constructed of plenum rated 5 mini coax cables in a single jacket with BNC 75Ω connectors at each end. They offer outstanding quality, durability, and high performance for any RGBHV video signal application where a plenum rating is required.
    Model Description Length Meter
    Male - Male      

    CP-5BM/5BM-35 5 BNC (M)to 5 BNC (M) Plenum Cable 35' 10.7m
    CP-5BM/5BM-150 5 BNC (M)to 5 BNC (M) Plenum Cable 150' 45.7m